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"Don't be gentle, be good."

Is that line screaming to be put into a fic or what?

So here's my challenge, or plea rather, since I'm suffering from a major case of writers' block this week. Anyone else interested in seeing how many different takes on that line we can get?

Junior: Comedy, 1994, PG-13, **1/2, 01:49, Color, English, United States, - One doctor (Danny DeVito) talks another (Arnold Schwarzenegger) into field-testing their new wonder drug, as the first pregnant man. (AS)

Take this basic idea, absolutely hysterical by the way, and put the men of JAG in that position. How you do it is up to you, go for funny, or make it serious. There's no need for outside stress, a pregnant men is stressful enough.

How would the guys handle being pregnant?
What would they eat?
How much would they be eating?
How would they react to the changes?
Why are they doing it? For a friend? For their wife? Did they have a choice in the matter?

The episoed "In Country" provided some great one liners. Here are just 3. Think we can get 3 FF out of them?

1 - Mac: Love is an antidote to instincts.

2 - Webb: Our love is the child of a cruel father.

3 - Harm: You know I could call room service for a room divider.

1 - Renee is coming back with Harm's child. God, I hope not!!!!!!
2 - Sergie is not Harm's brother - he is a Russian spy, or a terrorist. Good story I think
3 - Annie is coming back with Harm's child. But that would be much more bad as the Renee-storyline!!!!!
4 - Sergie and Singer have an affair - Uuughhh
5 - Mac has a child. I love this story...
6 - Mic Brumby comes back from Australia. (ducking)
7 - Harmon Rabb sen. still alive as a russian spy or terrorist - that would be shocking I guess

On April 18, 2002 a small plane crashed into the Pirelli building in Milan. AJ Chedwiggen is frantic. His daughter Francesca is based in Milan.

What does he do? You tell us!

JAG/Alternate Universe Challenge

Harm leaps into Captain Archer's body on the Enterprise, but is arrested by Paramount guards, forcing him to leap into a Hawaiian P.I.'s body trying to find his way home. He notices a Navy uniform, but no JAG designators, and is forced to leap again (this time by Universal guards), discovering himself on Vella Lacava in 1944 surrounded by an odd dog and a bunch of misfits flying Thunderbolts. When shot at by a Jap Betty, he leaps into a helicopter pilot's chopper, panics, and finally manages to leap into current time, where he finds himself in Mac's body. After thoroughly reviewing the "real estate", he realizes he could never look at her with the same heart-felt lust again, Harm crashes his fighter into the tallest building in Afghanistan, a broken down one-story house.
Keep him leaping see where it takes you.

There are times when a JAG episode screams for a part 2 so here is your chance.

At the end of Contemptuous Words we are shown Clark Palmer's computer screen, a list of transactions -- all deposits. The latest and largest one is $150,000.
Next scene: There's a lady talking on the phone. She says, "Sir, I've got an email here about a Swiss bank account for a Commander Harmon Rabb. How did he accumulate $800,000 on an officer's pay?"

Episode ends.

SO! What happens next? Of course the shipper in me hopes that Mac will come to the rescue. What does your creative juices say?

My theory is that Harm is Sergei's father. It would be really funny. Harm is about 16 or 17 years older than Sergei. When he was 16 he went off with Striker, and who knows what he was doing then. He was a teenage boy, after all. It's just a thought.

JAG/Time Challenge

Harm: Jet lag doesn't even throw off your internal clock? Mac: Nope. Although daylight savings time makes me think twice. Quote taken from "To Russia With Love"

Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie admits freely that daylight saving time gives her internal clock cause for a pause. Imagine a situation where DST gives her problems.

Write the dialogue of a phone conversation between Harm and Harm's mom (Trish) when Harm asks her to send his father's letters from Vietnam so that DNA testing can be done in order to get Sergei citizenship. No word limits, or limits on outcome.... Trish can either agree or not agree to send the letters....