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Pandora�s folly

What even blind eyes can see - By Pandora�s folly
After a car accident Mac loses her sight with little chance of regaining it, but with some help she may just come to teams with that.

Pat Steiner

Without Anchor - By Pat Steiner
Adrift Fic.



Love�s Labors Found - By Queenie
G - Harm and Mac experience the blessings only children can bring in the form of the two Robert's children.

Whisper of Life - By Queenie
PG-13 - After an attempted murder, Mac fights for her life. Harm is left to struggle with maintaining control and getting a grip on his true feelings for his best friend.


Rising Sun

Another One! - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Against his better judgment the Admiral takes the entire JAG corps on a retreat.

Beaten to the Punch - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - A brawl at JAG brings Harm and Mac together.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Four men sit in a bar and lament the loss of love.

Charade/A Case of Mistaken Identity - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Mac's special training comes in handy for personal reasons.

Charade/Act 2 - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Mac's unique skills are called into play AGAIN, this time to save the life of the daughter of the President of the United States.

Charade 3: But But But - By Rising Sun
PG-13/NC-17 implied - Mac and Harm must break up a diamond smuggling ring.

Charade - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Porter Webb becomes Henry Higgins to Mac's Eliza Dolittle.

Charade/A Case of Mistaken Identity - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Mac's special training comes in handy for personal reasons.

D�j� vu - By Rising Sun
PG- In the Twilight Zone Harm is given an opportunity to change his relationship with Mac. How many times will it take for him to get it right?

Doppelganger - By Rising Sun
PG - Finally even the dead can take the angst no more and take steps to correct the situation.

Government Issued Romance - By Rising Sun, and MM3
PG-13 - An undercover assignment may uncover more than the team bargained for.

Hibernation - By Rising Sun
PG - A conversation between two strangers exposes much.

JAG Case Files #111 - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - A little too much mistletoe in the Christmas.

Leave it to the Marines - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Leave it to the Marines� Most people usually do.

Retreat - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - The senior officers of JAG are in New Mexico on a three-day retreat.

Short and Sweet - By Rising Sun
R - Mac dies?

Statutes of Limitations - By Rising Sun
PG - 13 - Where ones reputation is involved there is no such thing. Harm and Mac must investigate an accusation against Admiral Morris.

The Gift Of Tears - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Mac must deal with a life without Harm while Harm must deal with life. Can either cope?

Harm and Mac Songbook: The Monster Mash - By Rising Sun
PG - Halloween and all stuff happens.

The Perfect Circle - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Harm takes a hit to the head and all the marbles finally line up!

The Rabbs/Run! - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - James is taken as collateral in an armed get away.

The Rabbs/Till Death Do Us Part - By Rising Sun and Anne Taul
PG-13 - Murderous mayhem is unleashed at what should be the greatest day for the Rabbs and the Roberts.

Till We Meet Again - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - Harm and Mac meet and eventually fall in love (the way sane folk do)

Torn - By Rising Sun
Challange reply - "The Other Man (or woman, if you like)" challenge: Your POV character discovers his/her lover is involved...VERY involved with another partner. Or your POV character discovers he is the Other Partner in an established relationship...How does he react to this discovery? Does he confront his cheating partner? Does he continue the relationship? Does he invite the other into the games?

V-Day - By Rising Sun
PG-13 - It's Valentine's Day and Mac has no idea who loves her.

Rita Widmer

World of Tomorrow - By Rita Widmer
The one year anniversary of Sept. 11 effects Mac and Harm on a quiet night at home.


And Miles to Go Before I Sleep - By RocketScience
PG - A speculation of how the major characters would react to Bud�s injury.