M - O



Mains Froides, Coeur Chaud - By Malysa
PG-13 - A young girl brings some changes to Harm�s life as he and Mac grow closer.


A Case of Do or Die - By Manette
NC-17 - A sequel to A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A Kiss is Just a Kiss - By Manette

Joyful and Triumphant - By Manette
PG-13 - An expanded ending to All Ye Faithful from Harm's POV.

Love and Barstools - By Manette
PG-13 - Harm and Mac try to get it right.

Love and the long way home - By Manette
PG-13 - Harm and Mac try to get it right.

Love and the Next Hundred Years - By Manette
PG-13 - Conclusion to Love and Barstools/ Love and the Long Way Home

Nothing Stays the Same - By Manette
PG 13 - This is a missing scene piece about what might have happened to Harm and Mac after the bombs stopped falling the night they were stranded.

The Morning After - By Manette
PG-13 - I tried for about 5 seconds to write a serious sequel to my Love andג?� series but everything I wrote was too dull or too NC-17 so finally when my brain exploded I just wrote this foolish bit of nonsense instead.


I Can Be Both - By Mariposa
NC-17 - Response to the Between the Lines challenge "Don't be gentle, be good." Line from Tribunal.

Martha R

A New Beginning - By Martha R
PG-13 - Harm is called back to active flight status to help fix a situation in Iraq. Read on for more information.


Comin� Home Baby - By Mary
NC-17 - Happy little piece of smut.

Come Undone - By Mary
NC-17 - She never allowed herself to come undone until this moment, and how glorious it felt.

Full of Grace - By Mary
PG-13 - What happens when the world falls apart?

Hold On - By Mary
R - Sequel to Full of Grace. Continuation of Mac�s struggle with depression.

Would You Mind - By Mary
NC-17 - Harm and Mac get excited by a song on Mac�s stereo.


Part 3 | I Miss You - By Masumi
PG-13 - This is the next instalment after Strange Relationship.

The Best Thing - By Masumi

The Heart Wants What It Wants - By Masumi


A Time To Say Goodbye - By Mel
R - A few months ago Harm had to make a choice: the courtroom or an F-14. Over the Independence Day weekend, he returns to JAG for a visit where he is not exactly met with a warm welcome. Then things go drastically wrong and he finds himself faced with a new choice: life...or death.


McMax - By McGregorMax
PG - What if a certain vision lasted just one minute more.


Hi, God. It's me . . . AJ. - By Melanie-Anne
PG - Grown-ups sure are funny. Nobody answered my question. Mommy always said that I could ask you anything, God, so will you please tell me what it means to secretly be in love?

Love Has Come - By Melanie-Anne
PG-13 - Just when Harm and Mac decide to move beyond friendship, she disappears. Harm is left to deal with a broken heart. When she returns, she is not the same woman he fell in love with.

Repercussions - By Melanie-Anne
PG-13 - The boundary between friend and lover is blurred and the consequences have to be dealt with. Sucky summary, I know, but I don�t want to give too much away.


A Journey that Changes Everything - By Melfina_gene_starwind
PG-13 - Harm goes to Paraguay to save Mac. He finally discovers his true feelings for her, but will he have enough time to tell her how he really feels for her.

Christmas would not be Christmas without you - By melfina-gene-starwind


Dear Santa...it's Little AJ - By Michi and Carol
PG - Little AJ ask Santa for a very special Christmas gift.

Moms, Guns, and Diapers - By Michi and Carol
PG - Just a week full of Moms, Guns, and Diapers at JAG. LOL, the truth is, we don�t really want to tell.


Before It Becomes a Noose - By Mickey and Pat Steiner
PG-13 - Post-episode for Lifeline. What if Harm and Mac had agreed to meet after the party, wanting to talk further; and what if they picked exactly the wrong place and time to do that.


You Got It - By MollyCule
PG - Mac isn't a big fan of New Years Eve . . . yet!


A Time to Die - By Musicat
NC-17 - Someone is out to kill off the JAG staff. They must find the culprit before it�s too late.

Revealed Secrets - By Musicat
PG-13 - Harm and Mac are sent to Norfolk to investigate the shooting of a Naval Officer. Harm deals with a pain from the past.


Nana Syvenky

Four Stories, Part 1: Back 2 Good - By Nana Syvenky
PG - "...well everyone here is wondering what it's like to be with somebody else; and everyone here's to blame and everyone here gets caught up in the pleasure of the pain; and everyone here has shades of shame but looking inside we're the same; and we're all grown now but we don't know how to get it back 2 good..."

Four Stories, Part 2: Heaven To No One Else - By Nana Syvenky
PG - "...i believe this heaven to no one else but me and i'll defend it long as i can be left here to linger in silence; if i choose to would you try to understand..."

Intellectual Intercourse - By Nana Syvenky
PG - Harm and Mac open up via email after the Elling case.

Intellectual Intercourse II - By Nana Syvenky

Intellectual Intercourse III - By Nana Syvenky


Greener - By Nancy
PG-13 - When Admiral Chegwidden makes a career change, everyone at JAG is affected.

Nicole Carter

Beginning and End - By Nicole
G - What should have happened at the end of JAG-a-thon.

Butterfly Kisses - By Nicole
G - Harm�s relationship with his daughter.

Coming Back - By Nicole
NC-17 - A song on the radio stirs up memories of the past.

Continue to Dance - By Nicole
G - Sequel to �Only Just Begun�

'Cuz I'm Gone - By Nicole
PG - After Mac�s TAD, she is sent in for a promotion to head up the Irish JAG office (which probably doesn�t exist, but oh well).

Daddy's Baby Girl - By Nicole
PG - Set 15 years after 'Daddy's Little Girl No More,' Mac goes to the next reunion.

Daddy's Little Girl No More - By Nicole
PG - Set 15 years after my fic, 'Daddy's Little Girl,' Mac goes to a high school reunion.

Dance in Silence - By Nicole
PG - Part five of �The Dance� takes place after �Dance in the Dark�

Dance in the Dark - By Nicole
PG-13 - Part four of �The Dance� picks up after �Dance Without Motion�

Dance Without Motion - By Nicole
PG - Third in �The Dance� series, after �Continue to Dance�

Darling, If You Love Me - By Nicole Carter
G - A JAG party. The game �Darling If You Love Me.� Need I say more?

Darling, You Know I Love You - By Nicole Carter
PG - Sequel to �Darling, If You Love Me� Mac and Harm have their talk.

Declaration of Love - By Nicole
PG - Mac gets tired of waiting for Harm and takes matters into her own hands.

Forever - By Nicole
PG - Mac thinks about Harm. It's hard to explain, the title says it best.

Getting Through the Hard Times - By Nicole
PG - What should have happened.

Last Flight Out - By Nicole

Only Just Begun - By Nicole
G - We�ve only just begun to dance� �Mac

Personality Test - By Nicole
PG - Harriet gives everybody a personality test with surprising results.

Sick - By Nicole
PG - A woman reflects on love lost.

So Hard To Say - By Nicole

Songs of Love - By Nicole
PG - Karaoke night at McMurphy�s

The Hard Way - By Nicole
PG - Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The Little Girl - By Nicole Carter
PG - A case reminds Mac of her childhood.

The Mark of Time - By Nicole Carter
G - What if Harm and Mac had met when they were younger?

The Story of a Bandit Prince Charming: Bandit - By Nicole
PG - Prequel to my story �Coming Back,� and companion piece to �The Story of the Bandit Prince Charming: PC�

The Story of the Bandit Prince Charming: PC - By Nicole
PG - Prequel to my story �Coming Back,� and companion piece to �The Story of the Bandit Prince Charming: Bandit.

The Way Life Should Be - By Nicole Carter
PG - it�s kinda hard to explain, read it and find out.

Timeless Rose I - By Nicole Carter
PG - A �What If�� story concerning Mac and Harm�s childhood.

Uninterrupted Interrupted Moment - By Nicole
PG - An interrupted moment turns into an uninterrupted moment

When I Get Back - By Nicole
G - A short 'woulda - coulda - shoulda'


Big Bang Theory - By Nik
Comes after Psychic Hotline

Eternity - By Nik

Flight School - By Nik
Imagine … Harm left the Navy after crashing his Tomcat.

Flying - By Nik
PG - Ok, so I'm depressed today after what just happened to Bud. Had to spread some tragedy around to our JAG characters. This is very short.

On a Trail of Terror - By Nik

On Our Way Home - By Nik

Psychic Hotline - By Nik

Racing Hearts - By Nik
PG - Harm works on showing Mac how much she means to him.

Tuesday, Lonely Tuesday - By Nik
PG - In an alternate universe, Harm and Mac provide comfort (maybe more?) to each other.


Ante Iuniam - By Nimue
I am sure you have read tons of Lifeline sequels, and I am really sorry for having to write one.

The Future - By Nimue
PG-13 - JAG fanfic No. 3. Harm and Mac babysit.



A passage through darkness - By Oleshka
PG - Hurting over his friend's injury, Harm takes on a mission that plunges him into the bottomless well of pain and darkness. Will his friends be able to find him before it's too late?

Coming Back Into the Light - By Oleshka
PG-13 - Rescued from his captors, Harm is back in the States, recovering from his ordeal. But his emotional scars are deeper than he'd realized. Can he overcome his pain and break free from the darkness of his memories? Will he be able to handle a new trial that fate sends his way?