G - I



One Wild Night - By Gabie
PG - Its about a week before the big Bonjovi concert. Mac gets tickets for Harm but they run into a problem that�s unexpected after the show.


H. Lee

Ease - By H. Lee
NC-17 - Another complete fluff-fic, not attached to any particular episode. Harm plots a course of action with typical twisted logic, but, as the title suggests, doesn�t dive right in, exactly. Will he succeed? How long will it take? Let�s see . . .

Home - By H. Lee
R - Harm + Mac scenario #7168 � the gruesome, poorly-timed fight, complete with angst-ridden search.

Knee'd - By H. Lee
NC-17 - Lame title accurately describes an equally lame attempt at smut-fic.

Maybe Someday - By H. Lee
G - Post-�Legacy II;� at the airport.

More - By H. Lee
G - Another fluff fic, warm, a bit solemn, but basically without substance.

One Night, On The Deck - By H. Lee
G - My first story in the second person. (I think that�s what this style is called, anyway.) Hope it reads okay.

Shameless Advantage - By H. Lee
PG - A late-night sick trip.

Sideways Address - By H. Lee
G - Just a short little fluffy piece addressing The Deal in a somewhat sideways fashion. No plot, no action, no excuses.

Sunday - By H. Lee
NC-17 - It�s been a long week . . .

The Week - By H. Lee
PG - A week in the lies of our favorite superheroes.

Heather Nabers

Blizzard: Surprise in the Snow - By Heather Nabers and Abi Raja
PG-13 - Anything can happen when the JAG staff is snowed in with a pregnant woman.

What Does Love Have to Do With Anything - By Heather Nabers
PG-13 - Harm returns to flying and everything changes between him & Mac.

The Long Road Home - By Heather Nabers
PG-13 - Mac's past comes back to haunt her in a big way.


A Girl�s Best Friend for Life - By Hollyjp
PG-13 - Harm and Mac talk with a little nudge from Mattie. Their relationship changes or does it?

Reaching Out - By Hollyjp
PG-13 - The hoops for Harm exhaust those that vouch for him in court.

Too Much To Walk Away - By Hollyjp


The very first time - By Hope
NC-17 - Takes place after Harmon�s crash into the ocean an the cancelling of Mac�s wedding.



Chicken soup for the soulmate - By Imacbfan
PG - After Webb�s death, Harm comforts Mac.

Fireworks - By ImaCBfan
PG - Mac decides to take a chance, Harm gets what he�s always wanted.