D - F



A Time For Healing - By Daenar

Carnival - By Daenar
PG-13 - Harm and Mac are sent to Venice on a rather strange investigation. Besides, it�s carnival season... (Boomerang, Lifeline)

Dissonance [Part One] [Part Two] - By Daenar
PG-13 - To solve a case, Harm has to rely on his musicality while Mac goes undercover in a naval college marching band. Sequel to 'Carnival'

Once Upon a Time On a Green, Green Island - By Daenar
PG - Mac has very strange dream - but is she really dreaming? Just a little fairy-tale, utterly out of genre.

Teamwork - By Daenar
PG -13 - A Libyan weapons dealer forces Mac, Harm and the better part of the JAG staff into a large-scale undercover mission in the Paris-Dakar Rally... Stand-alone story.

Traces In The Snow - By Daenar


Miserable Souls - By Dana
R - H/M Shipper story.


Two kinds of Love - By Dania
NC-17 - Bud and Harriet were killed in a car accident. Who is going to take care of their two children now?
Story continues a couple of days after the funeral�


Amazing Grace - By Danielle
PG - 2nd in series-read Finding Mom first. You find out more about Riley and there are plans made for Riley and Mac's mom and Harm get's a little jolt of reality-towards Mac.

Finding Mom - By Danielle
PG-13 - past comes and haunts her again, but this time it's not all for the worst.....and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw aren't mine either...


A Harm and Mac Valentine - By devinsnama
G - Harm and Mac share a valentine dinner. For the purposes of this story Mac and Webb are not involved, or will they ever be.

What Is Love? - By Devinsnama
G - Harm and Mac discuss LOVE. Story starts where A Girl�s Best Friend ended.

When We Don't Talk - By Devinsnama
G - After Paraguay Macs finds herself alone, with only a photo album and a song on the radio for company.


Do you believe... ? - By Ditte

Right where the heart beats - By Ditte
Taking place after the episode where Mac confess her love for Sturgis. It takes place at Harm's place after the working hours where Mac have confessed her feelings towards him...


Getting it Right? - By Domintel
PG - Basically, these are Mac�s thoughts and feelings after the argument in AMLC, and the consequences. Please note, though, that if you haven�t seen the episode, or don�t know anything about it, you probably won�t get this.



Undercover - By Ellinor
PG - Harm has to deal with a new partner.


What this is - By EnglishRose17
G - Mac thinks about her friendship with Harm and remembers their good and bad times. This Fanfic is just meant to picture their existent relationship.