B - C



E-Mail To My Heart - By Beate
Modern technology is needed to get together.


Come To Me - By Benedetta
PG - Song-fiction. A song helps Mac understand (nothing more or I�ll spoil it!).

Desperado - By Benedetta
PG -Song-fiction, answering a Desperado Challenge on JAGnick FanFic board. Set in beginning Season 8. Harm is in his apartment, thinking about his birthday.

Maybe - By Benedetta
PG - Why did Mac take that ring?

Soothing offences - By Benedetta
PG - A different twist to Offensive Action (S8).


Being Strong - By Bioboy
PG-13 - Mac's thoughts from where we last saw them outside sickbay on the Guadalcanal.

Homecoming - By Bioboy
R - This follows Harm's train of thought immediately after he finishes Bud's tour on the Sea Hawk. This takes place three months after Bud's accident or whenever the Sea Hawk would be coming home from its tour in the Arabian Sea.

Welcome Home - By Bioboy
R - This follows Mac's train of thought through the week leading up to Harm's return to JAG after he finishes Bud's tour on the Sea Hawk. This takes place three months after Bud's accident or whenever the Sea Hawk would be coming home from its tour in the Arabian Sea.


Talking in Circles and Meaningful Glances - By Breniah
Harm was right, they hadn't finished talking.

Brittany Crowley

Song for Dad - By Brittany Crowley


C. Rene

A Million Tears - By CRene
What if the wedding between Mac and Brumby and begun and Harm was still no where to be seen? Would Mac go through with it knowing her heart belonged to someone else?

Frozen - By C. Rene

Cally Bell

Better Late Than Never - By Cally Bell
PG-13 - A short story. Mac has an interesting re-occuring dream about Harm.

Cassi Jewel Salares

Harm on the Run - By Cassi Jewel Salares
G - Post "Adrift", Harm and Mac deal with their uniquely screwed-up (but wonderful in its own way, of course) relationship.


All I Need - By Carol
PG - Read to find out.

A New Dance - By Carol
PG - Sometimes you just need a chance to realize that being an idiot can help change things.

Beautiful Days - By Carol
G - Sorry, I can�t think of one. Just read to find out.

Birthday Kiss - By Carol
G - A dare and a kiss.

Birthday Kiss II - By Carol
PG-13 - The repercussions of a dare and a kiss.

Capturing a Moment - By Carol
G - A song and a chance.

Cat in Shoes - By Carol
G - Read to find out.

Course of Love - By Carol
G - �The course of true love never did run smooth.� -Shakespeare.

Harm and Tech TV - By Carol
PG-13 - Watching TV can sometimes be a confusing but enlightening thing.

Harmon Shot the Radio - By Carol
PG - A bar, a gun, and a wrong idea.

If the Admiral Had it His Way - By Carol
G - It�s good to be the Admiral.

Love and Miracles - By Carol
G - Memories of love.

Love Family Style - First Generation - By Carol
G - Ever wonder where and how the Rabb family got started.

Love Family Style - Second Generation - By Carol
G - Ever wonder where and how Harm�s Parents meet.

More Than an Uncle - By Carol
G - A song brings back memories.

Mythical Beliefs - By Carol
G - Sorry, I can�t think of one. Just read to find out.

New Years Eve Party - By Carol

One Wing - By Carol
G - Tattoo and quote.

Pick up the Ball and Run - By Carol
G - Football and nicknames sometimes are the best things in life.

Poker Night - By Carol
PG-13 - Poker anyone?

Pulling a Harriet - By Carol
G - See title.

Realization - By Carol
G - Random thoughts of realization.

Shopping Realities - By Carol
PG - Sometimes going shopping can lead somewhere else.

Sweet Dreams - By Carol
G - Dreams can come true.

Walking Lessons - By Carol
G - Just read to find out.

What I See - By Carol
PG - Mac receives a note from the past to build the future�maybe.

Who Choice? - By Carol
G - Read the title to find out.

Wrinkles - By Carol
G - Words to help with life.

Why We Kiss - By Carol
PG - A conversation about kisses.

Carrie D.

Catacombs of the Heart - By Carrie D
NC-17 - A murder investigation forces Harm and Mac to investigate their own relationship. *There are few semi-violent scenes in this and some mentioning of domestic abuse, but it is not explicit nor do I go into much detail (the violence is not where this story gets it's NC-17 rating). I think I saw more violence in my high school than I really go into detail about here. But, if this sort of thing really bugs you, I suggest you don't read this.*

Flying From the Catacombs - By Carrie D
NC-17 - Sequel to �Catacombs of the Heart.� How have things changed since Harm�s departure? Do Harm and Mac still have a chance at a relationship?

What I'd Give Up - By Carrie D.
R - What is Harm willing to give up for Mac? Told from Harm's POV.


What She's Doing Now - By Carrie
PG - Two friends drift apart and it makes him wonder, What's She Doing Now?


Blessed Memories - By CD
PG - Harm and Mac remember some of the bad times in their relationship.

Can you hear me? - By CD
G - To tell would give the story away.

I�ll Lead The Way - By CD
G - Due to a tragedy Harm must learn to deal with life without the person who gave him strength.

I�m Coming Back - By CD
PG - Mac goes undercover and disappears and Harms world turns upside down.

The Minds Eye - By CD
G - News of Renee�s pregnancy, and a song have a strange effect on Harm.

The Miracle of Miracles - By CD
PG - Harm and Mac make good on �THE� promise.

Simplicity - By CB/Choebe

We�re not done yet - By CD
G - Set three years from now. An injury cause problems for Harm and Mac.

Christie Blotnicky

Cadence And The Messed Up Announcer - By Christie Blotnicky

Family Affair - By Christie Blotnicky
Webmaster Note - A reader brought it to my attention that this fanfiction has some graphic violence in it. I decided not to change the rating without the authors premission and I won't take the fanfiction off the site because "to each, his own," but I thought the readers on this site should know.

Flyboy Has Angels Wings - By Christie Blotnicky

For Kleines - By Christie Blotnicky

How To Completely Ruin Your Life In One Day - By Christie Blotnicky

Just You, Me, and the Sunset, Baby Girl - By Christie Blotnicky

Life Beyond JAG - By Christie Blotnicky

Perfect Fit - By Christie Blotnicky

Pneumonia - By Christie Blotnicky
PG-13 - Harm becomes very sick, but when the Hospital has no rooms for him, Mac is appointed to take care of him.

Mistaken Revelations - By Christie Blotnicky
PG-13 - Here is my rebuttal to Mac's little revelation there in a Tangled Webb part 2. Sorry for ya'll who haven't seen it.

Mutiny - By Christie Blotnicky
PG-13 - Jennifer Coates is found dead in her apartment, and the JAG staff will do anything to find out what happened to her.

Second Guesses - By Christie Blotnicky

Time To Think - By Christie Blotnicky
PG-13 - This is a very short little ficlet of how I think Harm and Mac will finally tell each other how they feel.

Christine Farkas

Come To Me - By Christine Farkas
PG - This is my little take on what would have happened, if Renee wouldn't have been there...you all know where!

Haunted - By Christine Farkas
PG-13 - A personal loss upsets Mac. When she finally turns to Harm for help, an investigation endangers both of their lives.

Icelandic Nights - By Christine Farkas
PG - sequel to "Haunted" but you don't necessarily need to read that first.

Mistakes - By Christine Farkas
R - Mac and Mic got married but something seems to be wrong.


Mangos, Toast, and Tears - By CLK
PG - Harm worries about Mac.

Cool Cat

Eo Navalis/Semper Fidelis - By Cool Cat
PG - Can Mac handle being a trainee in the United States Navy?